Main Amphitheatre

The upper room at the University of Vienna's "Hörsaalzentrum" will host hundreds of attendees over three days, and is the equivalent to the Game/AI Conference's previous six editions. Drawing from a rotation of all event tracks, multiple types of talks will be featured there:

  • High-Profile Presentations
  • Inspiring & Insightful Keynotes
  • Behind-The-Scenes on Project

Other things to note:

  1. Any ticket grants you entry into this room.
  2. You can purchase 3-day tickets now.

If you consider the main amphitheatre in the context of the classic AI dilemma of "exploration" vs. "exploitation" then this room is Exploration!

Masterclass Room

The lower room at the University of Vienna's "Hörsaalzentrum" will host a limited number of our best looking and smartest conference attendees! (It's the equivalent of the Game/AI Workshops in previous years.) As for talks, you can expect details from each event track in turn using these formats:

  • In-Depth Tutorials
  • Specialized Masterclasses
  • Advanced Panel Discussions

Other things to note:

  1. All Access passes grant you entry to this room!
  2. You'll be able to purchase 1-day tickets in May.

If you consider this masterclass room in the context of the classic AI dilemma of "exploration" vs. "exploitation" then it's definitely Exploitation!

NOTE: The schedule for the topics per day will be decided by May 7th, based on a survey of Early Bird ticket holders. If you want to decide how the topics are scheduled, this is your chance!

Open Laboratories

Outside the rooms in part of the lobby, developers and enthusiats will gather for more informal but guided sessions on the active topics for the day:

  • Hands On Workshops
  • Expert Questions & Answers
  • Group Breakout Sessions

Other things to note:

  1. To participate in workshops, bring your laptop!
  2. Every ticket holders can access these laboratories.

These labs will allow you to be more practical and actively address topics that are relevant to you.

NOTE: Details about the open laboratory sessions will be announced by June 1st. If you have any request on these tracks, let us know!