The Conference Venue

For the 2016 edition of the conference we will be hosted by the Juridicum (Law faculty of the University of Vienna), in the historical first dictrict:

Schottenbastei 10-16
1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Travelling From The Airport

By Train

Regular Train:
“Schnellbahn”, S7, direction “Wien Mitte” or “Wien Floridsdorf”
1 way ticket for 3,90,-€/ 1 Person, 2 Person for 4,60€ (discount is applied automatically at ticket machine), all destinations in Vienna will cost you the same

Best to take the train to “Wien Mitte” and switch to the subway there. Don’t forget to get a ticket for Vienna’s public transport when switching.

CAT: fastest way into the city
CAT is around 5-7 minutes faster then the regular train (16 minutes), 1 stop, 1 way ticket 11€

Both trains leave directly from the airport Vienna, both running at a 30 minute frequency

By Bus

Busses are running outside the arrival terminal in Vienna, taking you to several different locations in Vienna, at 8€ cost per person.

By Cabs

“Yellow” cabs
You can find cabs outside the arrival terminal at the airport, a drive to the center will cost you around 40-50€, running the taximeter.

Airport driver
You can find specialised airport driver inside in the arrival terminal (left hand side before going down to the train station), those offer fixed rate transports, starting at 37€. They might be booked completely, but it’s worth checking, if you prefer to take a cab.

Public Transport

Arround The Venue

You can find the follwing means of transport a very short walk from the venue:
Subway: U2 Schottentor (purple line), U3 Herrengasse (orange line, slightly further away)
Tram: D, 1, 2, 37, 38, 30, 41, 42, 43, 44, 71
Bus: 1A


You can get all of the tickets mentioned below at the red ticket machine in every subway station (english language option available)

The best choice of ticket depends on how many days you'll need public transport for and how often you'll use it per day. Here are your best options:

Single trip tickets
Valid for 1 way (you can switch between different modes or lines): 2,20€.

Weekly ticket
Monday (starting at Sunday midnight) - the following Monday (09:00): 16,20€

8 day ticket
8 day ticket: This ticket gives you 8 seperate full days for 38,40€, not bound to a person (you can split the ticket between 8 people on 1 day, 2 people on 4 days...). 1 day for 1 person comes at 4,80€.

Apps / Online

For transport from / to the airport use this page.

To get around in Vienna and for public transportation help we recommend "QANDO VIENNA":

Be careful! Google Maps hasn't fully integrated public transport for Vienna yet, this is why we are suggesting to use Qando.